The company can undertake complete Presswork and Welding Projects of medium to high volume pressings up to 800 tonnes, from CAD to full production within our TS16949 scope. We can also offer Coil feed up to 600mm for progression work as well as tandem work with tools up to 1300 shut height. Pressings and assembly production is aligned with lean concepts and deliveries are based on Just-in-Time requirements. Cpk process management is a key metric and verification is on large bed CMM facility. Management of all new orders is through the Automotive based PPAP process and all business activities are controlled to the TS16949 accreditation. This has assisted us in achieving a good reputation both to major UK based tier 1 customers and “A” class rating to European buyers.

We have developed our knowledge of small to large complex pressings over the last 20 years and with considerable investment in equipment have project management of Automotive stamping contracts up to £1.25M of tooling. Due to our experience we are able to supply Metal Stampings in a range of material, various Steels, coated and uncoated, Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel, using tooling we have controlled of up to 14 tonnes in size.

We can offer a wide range of capacity along with a full solution from CAD model to full PPAP and to ongoing production. Using our wide range of expertise and creative solutions we supply to the highest Automotive Presswork and assembly standards of quality (TS16949) with 100% delivery.

Presswork Birmingham UK, Astra Pressings

As well as a wide range of Metal Pressings and Automotive Stamping's we can provide assembly parts by MIG welding and nut welding, etc along with out sourcing of painting and finishing, to your required standards.

As a result of our continuous improvement environment, we try to more than satisfy our customers Pressings and Welding assembly requirements we have developed a strong market position, particularly in the automotive sector. We have a record of considerable sales growth over the last 7 years and we enjoy a challenge, so please contact us by email, fax or phone.